What is Bandwidth, How much do you need for a site?

If you want to put a website online, then you’ve probably heard the word “bandwidth” a lot. This refers to how many visitors can come to your website, and how much data they can use before your account is overdrawn. But, what exactly is bandwidth? What makes it so important, and what about those unlimited bandwidth hosts? This article will answer many of these questions for you so you have a better idea of what to look for in your host.

What is Bandwidth? Bandwidth is all about the speed at which data can flow from a server to a person’s computer. This is needed so that your website can load on the user’s side so that he so she can see the page that you have online. The speed of the data is increased by using better wires that carry the data faster, and the bandwidth itself is basically the amount of data that you can push through your server space to the user’s computer. Should I Use Unlimited Bandwidth? Shared hosts are good for smaller websites, but they tend to use ambiguous terminology that confuses many new Webmasters.

The fact is that unlimited bandwidth is impossible, especially for just $10 a month. Think about this for a second. Dedicated hosting, a hosting option where the person gets a whole server for their website, can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and even these people don’t have unlimited bandwidth in the sense of never ending resources. So, what does unlimited bandwidth really mean? This means that the host doesn’t give you a specific limit, but there is an invisible limit that only the host knows.

Simply put, you can’t use too many resources without having your website suspended. What is too much bandwidth? That’s all up to the host, and they rarely give you concrete information about this. How Much Bandwidth do I Need? Here’s a simple formula to tell you about how much bandwidth you need: Daily page views X page size X daily visitors X 30 X safety factor The safety factor should be about 1.5 to ensure that you have enough bandwidth for those busy months. Just multiply all of these factors together, and you should know about how much bandwidth you need for your website.

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