Ecobee Thermostats

The Ecobee is a smart thermostat capable of monitoring your thermostat usage by utilizing algorithms to save you money on heating and cooling costs. Traditional thermostats allow you to manually adjust the heat and air conditioning in your home or apartment. Modern digital thermostats are programmable in that they display temperature while allowing you to set specific time and dates to control temperature settings. Ecobee Smart Thermostat sets itself apart because it learns from your behavior through data gathered when you use it. They come with extra wireless occupancy sensors when compared to other competitors on the market. These sensors can be placed on a cold or hot area in your home and the readings taken can be used by the thermostat to dictate its operations.

The unique Ecobee design and use of complex algorithms allow you to control the climate anywhere you are, and view real-time statistics on the overall energy use in your home. Ecobee thermostats can also adjust for specific factors including indoor humidity. You can conveniently tell your thermostat what to do, and it does exactly that. For instance, have you ever turned the temperature very low when you left work for the day so as not to waste heat, and then crank it up when you walk in because it is cold? You can now tell your system when to shut-off for the day and what time you want it to kick back on so that you can walk into a comfortable environment. 

An Ecobee thermostat system will provide you with output including the amount of time it will take to initiate your climate changes. This will allow you to effectively gauge the efficiency of your temperature control system. You can manage an Ecobee smart thermostat via mobile phone or web application. It is with this user interface that you will be able to see a breakdown of energy consumption expenses in your home, make changes to your system’s settings, as well as view all systems data in real-time.

Ecobee thermostats are equipped with the capability to interface with third party APIs for extended functionality. It is important to note that Ecobee is currently only designed for HVAC heating and cooling. It is not for monitoring outdoor, and pool temperatures. Ecobee units are designed to be hard wired to your HVAC equipment eliminating the need to replace batteries. Initial installation may seem intimidating for the first time but you should be ok installing it yourself as it engineered to be user-friendly.


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