Toaster Ovens

What Are Toaster Ovens?

This is an electrical appliance that functions as both an oven and a toaster for bread or small amounts of food like leftover pizza. It is smaller than a conventional oven and larger than a toaster with a front door and removable rack and baking pan.

Uses of toaster ovens

A toaster oven has proved a versatile kitchen appliance with uses ranging from defrosting to roasting. Its uses may include but are not limited to:
· Reheating leftover meals
· Warming plates before serving to keep food from going cold once served
· Roasting small quantities of meat
· Defrosting frozen ingredients
· Dehydrating fruits and vegetables
· Baking small batches of cookies or a small cake
· Baking potatoes
· Baking a small pizza

A toaster oven can come in handy in non-kitchen situations like melting small crayons in order to mold a newer bigger one.

Types of toaster ovens

There are different types of toaster ovens with varying features available depending on one’s cooking needs. They include:
-Standard toaster oven which can toast 2-4 slices of is best used for toasting, warming leftovers and baking.
-Rotisserie toaster oven which has special features added to make rotisserie cooking easier.
-Combination toaster oven has a pop toaster included at the top. This added feature allows for multiple uses at the same time.
-Infrared toaster oven which heats food directly instead of heating the air around it and it, therefore, does not need to be pre-heated.
-Convection toaster ovens use fans to blow heated air around the food.
-Toaster oven over conventional oven
-Conventional ovens use gas, wood or electricity to be powered and only produce heat from below. Oven toasters however only use electricity and have mechanisms like the coils that distribute heat evenly around the food.
-Conventional ovens may have expensive installations, are slow heating and harder to clean compared to toaster ovens which are convenient to use because it is a plug-and-use appliance, much easier to clean and they use less electricity saving up on costs in the long run.

How to buy a toaster oven

Before purchasing a toaster oven one has to consider factors like:
· Size
Toaster ovens are best for small batches of meals
· Uses
Depending on what the oven will be mostly used for. If one seeks to just warm food and bake a few cookies then a small one is best.
· Features
Some features like the auto shut off may prove useful to some consumers.
· Price
This will depend on factors like the model and place of purchase

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