What is a CMS?

If you are considering a new website, one of the considerations to make is CMS or HTML for your site. Depending on what you want to do, how you want the site to look, and what you are going to be doing on the site, each has its advantages. CMS (content management system) is a personal homepage application that allows you to create and to manage the site, via use of a admin style panel. With HTML, products like Dreamweaver or Frontpage would be required to manage the site or to edit. For this reason, CMS is far more user-friendly, easy to use, and allows for easier personalized detail to your site.

Pros of CMS:
– If you are considering CMS, there are many positives to choosing this as your editing choice; some of these pros are:
– More organization that you see with HTML. By simply logging in to the admin panel, you can control and make adjustments to the page; you also decide where to put things on your admin page.
– The ability to control the design of the page with cascade style sheets is another benefit HTML does not offer. You can create a different template, based on the type of site you want to create.
– There are a variety of functionalities, allowing you to create add-ons to the page. From blogs, to shopping carts, a corporate page, and any other add-on you want to create, this gives a competitive advantage HTML does not offer.
– SEO and Google friendly, for higher ranking, and with Google maps, higher local ranking in a competitive industry; and,
– Many CMS providers offer you analytic information, and allow you to track your progress, see where you stand, and constantly find ways to make improvements to your site, when you want to modify, or see where you stand against the competition in your industry.

There are a couple cons to choose CMS for your site option. One is the fact that a bit of technical know-how is going to go a long way in creating a much better looking site. Although you do not have to be extra tech-savvy, the more you know, the better your site is going to come off. Another con is that you still should have some HTML knowledge and CSS (cascade style sheets) knowledge, in order to create a fully functional site, and the best looking site. Other than this, there are no major flaws or issues with choosing CMS.

The benefits greatly outweigh the cons when you choose to use CMS, over a traditional HTML site. It is of course going to depend on the site, content, and what you want to do, but you can run nearly any site, and create any type of content, through CMS. You can also include an HTML site on your CMS site, but not vice-versa, which is another added benefit to choosing content management systems, when you are designing, editing, and implementing your online site, and the content you will put on it.

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